Sweden remains one of Europe's best kept secrets. It offers the contrasts between a vast, glorious countryside and bustling, developed cities. The beauty is that both are within your reach from the moment you arrive.

Cities are contemporary and vibrant, and offer a wealth of unusual sights and activities to suit all interests. The countryside is vast, and offers great diversity with open meadows, deep forests, glittering lakes and extensive archipelagos. There is no lack of culture and tradition either, with charming, intact villages, imposing castles and fabulous festivals to celebrate all seasons.

There is an immense love of the nature amongst Swedes - with all societies from city folk to farmers showing their appreciation. Swedish nature is prized for its beauty and means of escape.

Light is a phenomen that touches the hearts of every Swede. In the summer months, daylight is endless and life moves outdoors. Winter is a dark and mysterious, yet cosy time of the year. Life moves indoors as families gather around wood burners. With such different seasons, you would hardly recognise you were in the same country!

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